Sink into a Song


If you are self isolating and getting little inspiration from the latest news, maybe this is a good moment to reconnect to some of your favorite music. Most people nowadays listen passively—ear buds in while washing the dishes or clicking through screens on the computer. When I can, I like to listen actively; I pick an album and take in the whole program from start to finish–no random playlist! At the same time, it’s great to look at jacket art and pictures of the band if I have a CD. I particularly enjoy reading the lyrics as a catchy tune plays; great songwriters convey mood and imagery with an enviable economy of words coupled to all the pretty notes. I’ve found reading lyrics from my favorite tunes confers a greater feeling of connection to the song and artist, and actively listening in this way allows me to carry a song, with its mood and message, around in my head for days.

So, bust loose from the news periodically. Comfort and inspiration are only a few songs away. Sink into a great album, and oh yeah, wash your hands.


Be well.

One thought on “Sink into a Song”

  1. Here are two of my favorite podcasts (that aren’t grisly true crime) so you can be entertained indoors:

    Atoms Motion and the Void, the episode called “Race Car Robber” is fiction, a short story in the first person read by a guy with the PERFECT voice to portray the humorous but subtly deep and poetic story of the consequences of visiting a new barber shop. It’s AMAZING. It is also unusual in that it has musical interludes that fit the narrative. It’s in two parts here’s the direct links:
    Part one:

    Part two:

    You will never regret listening to race car robber I promise.

    Speaking of music in podcasts, here’s a history of Broadway as it relates to Number One hit records. May sound tame? but this guy and his podcast could not be better prepared to tell this story and the story is more interesting than you may imagine. It’s FULL of sound clips which by themselves would make this worthwhile to listen to:
    In truth all his episodes are worth listening to but the show tunes episode has broader appeal I think. ALL his podcasts are great.


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