A Dream of Steam

“With lyrical phrasing, fitting of the time period, plus mechanical details and lots of physical exertion, the pacing balances description and action.  A helpful glossary of logging and nautical terms supplements the text.

History comes alive in the hands of this debut author, a sailor who restores ships for use in movies and museums.” —-Mari Liv Tollefson Carlson, Midwest Book Review

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“This is one very well written book and, once past the mundane, I was drawn into the story, wanting to keep reading. GREAT ending!” —Liz Pomeroy, Amazon top 100 reviewer.

“If you enjoy plot-driven historical fiction from the 1890s with a dash of mystery and a heaping side of action, I definitely recommend A Dream of Steam.”—Jana Tenbrook, Reviews from the Stacks.  For complete review see:                                                                                                                                  

Trust me, you’re in for a treat with A Dream of Steam. With realistic characters, plenty of action, strong bonds created between characters, romance, and historical atmosphere, A Dream of Steam is everything that any lover of historical fiction will delight in. Readers from Michigan will especially enjoy it and its ability to let us briefly time travel to the past and experience it for ourselves. —Tyler Tichelaar, blogcritics. For full review see:                                                or

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