Hello, and welcome to my page. I am a writer, a sailor and a rigger of ships. My writing has been inspired by some of the people I have met at sea, and by bumping around different harbors while working on sailing vessels.

I’ve always had the wanderlust, the itchy foot. I came by it naturally; my father was a carpenter who took his trade on the road. He married my mother and they had me and my two sisters over a period of five years. Each of us began life in a different country as the folks chased opportunity; I was born British. When I was very young we moved to Canada where I learned to sail.

Playfair at Dreamers Rock

In my teens I joined a little brigantine for a two week sailing trip. From then on square rigged ships became a regular part of my life. Sailing ships have taken me to the far side of the world and to Hollywood. Most of my voyaging under sail now takes place with my wife on a 35′ ketch, so rigging projects fulfill my love for square riggers today. Teaching novice riggers while 120′ up a mast provides both material and opportunity for story telling.

I am currently working on getting my historical novel, A Dream of Steam, published. I am working on a new book as well.

I spend my time in the eastern United States and adrift in the Caribbean Sea.



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