Bad at Blogging

Growing Your Own Foremast.
A couple of months ago I posted that it was enchanting to watch the first snow fall. It is easier to feel that way if you know you won’t be shoveling in February, and just a few minutes ago, as I was waiting in line at the bank watching snow fall on television, I felt happy to be away. I’m in Antigua; my wife and I sail an old steel sailboat when we can get away so this winter we will be traveling northwest to Florida.

I’ve happened into blogging without much of a plan. It was suggested to me that this was a good idea for self promotion –and I can see it– but reading about somebody trying to write or get published seems like watching one of those news shows that tell you how they produce the news. I care about writing, but it’s only so newsworthy. I care about other things as well and so  while we are under way, en route to Florida, I think I will post about some of the places we stop, what the hurricanes have done, dark skies, dolphins and sea turtles. Hopefully I’ll get a few good pictures along the way.

Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua

2 thoughts on “Bad at Blogging”

  1. Dear Jim and Corinna, Been thinkin’ of how and when to tell you. On Jan. 9 we were in a car acciddent. Sue made out OK. However, I’m not. I was in R.I. Hosppital for 6 days. Almost took off my left leg. Broke my right thumb , A hairline fracture in my right hip, and bruised ribs. I’m currently in rehab facility in Marion, Ma. I’m hopping on one foot. Lookin’ forward to going home one day. Steve


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