Fall continues to be superb in the northeast, with clear, warm days and rainy nights. The squirrels have just about stripped a nearby hickory tree of nuts and now have them buried. I’m told that these busy creatures have almost no memory, so finding their own caches or others’ is a matter of scent and instinct. They make me wonder which little works of my own will turn out to help me, or someone else-or even a squirrel–down the road.Eastern_Gray_Squirrel_800


The last hours of summer are possibly also the best. After wearing long clothing in both July and August it comes as a surprise to be sitting outside today with no shoes on. It could be myth, or maybe it is fact, that you can balance an egg on its pointy end at the equinox. I’ve succeeded at this twice. One of the times the egg remained that way for three hours before rolling over. I like to get a photo of the egg next to a pint of Guinness (for contrast, I assure you). Enjoy the final hours of summer, and if you can work the egg trick send me a photo. Equinox is at 4:22 PM EDT today.


Give Up The Ship

As Hurricane Irma blasts through the Caribbean towards Florida, I am reminded of all the sailors who have told me they would never leave their boat unattended through a hurricane.

Who knows what this monster will bring? 160 knots of wind is unimaginable.

If you have the time to read this then you can still make it off of the boat and into a concrete building. Don’t be afraid to change course.